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Tackling advice needed....  

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We are playing a team this Saturday that will for sure be our biggest challenge.  They run spread but mostly will throw the ball to set up for their run because they have a very gifted RB...  I watched this kid basically take over the game last week.  Now grant it, the team they played were horrible tacklers as they were when they played us.  But the thing I noticed the most, was that not only was this kid shifty and fast, but he stiff armed like no other!  He is great at it.  He took on big guys and little guys getting that separation that a good stiff arm gets, just enough for him to turn on the jets while the would be tackler slips off wondering why he couldn't get a shoulder into him.

I have a pretty good tackling team, but I worry about this kid.  We are basing our whole defense this week to stop him.  We stop him, we win!  They really don't have any other weapons.  Is there something or anything that can be said or added to our normal tackling drills to deal with a good stiff armer???  I have some ideas but would love some advice from you guys! 

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Keys to tackling:

1. Tackle high. There's 11 people on defense, all you have to do is slow them down. Second man in, look to strip the ball.

2. Break down 3 yards from the football.

3. Be patient. Wait until the runner commits. As long as he is dancing, 10 other people are running to the football.

4. Grab cloth and hold on.

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