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"the drive" - drill for any age

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Friend of mine was having issues with a lot of things offensively with 7-9 age group. One of things was lining up correctly and snap count.  So I came up with a little drill for them to do and it apparently helped a lot. 


Ball is spotted at their 40yd line.  Team huddles, formation and snap count are called.  They have 5 secs to break, get in formation and be in good stances. QB call cadence.  If everything looks good and every one is where they need to be, they move up 5 yards.  If not the ball moves back 5. 

Once you get into the end zone, you start back at the 40 and add plays.  

This is great way I feel to get kids who are brand new to football to get a feel of "offensive drive" and the circumstances within. 



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Might do this in preparation game today

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We have something similar:

We line up our o-line at the 5-yard line and I call out cadence ("first sound" or "full cadence."  Then I call out who's pulling, "Roger" or "Larry"). If we go on the correct cadence and pull the correct side, we gain 5 yards to the 10-yard line.  We matriculate the ball for the distance of the field.  If we screw up once, we start all over again back at the 5-yard line.  


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This week, I'm going to run a version of this to clean up our procedures. We had a very nice pass for a 1st down called back because 3 sniffer backs were moving before the ball was snapped. I think the problem was 3 fold:

1) Center had a brain fart

2) Sniffer backs are in a hurry

3) QB calls the cadence like he has stage fright

We had a few false starts due to slow snaps by our replacement center as well. We need to clean this up.

Procedure Drill:

Call formation. Line up quickly and stop moving.
No movement WHATSOEVER after state call (We call a random state that means "Next word out of my mouth is 'HIT!')
First step and freeze

+4 yards:
 - Good snap
 - Correct alignment
 - First step/identify is all correct
 - No movement
No gain:
 - Wrong 1st step (by anyone)
 - Wrong identify (by anyone)
 - Still moving after state call (swipe grass, adjust, etc.)
 - Incorrect alignment
-3 yards:
 - Bad snap
 - Penalty

4 plays to go 10 yards and 1st down. Failure=push ups, up/downs, etc.

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