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Too Cold?

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So...the weather in Texas, if you don't like it, wait a minute...

Well, this week, and part of next, winter apparently decided to make an appearance...our first practice for the upcoming spring season is supposed to be Sunday afternoon (so everyone who wants to worship can do so)...the forecast for Sunday...high temp of 28 degrees, low of 16, wind chill of 10 to 0 degrees...

I think our first practice is now the following week 😛 even with a mask to keep my face warm...

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Posted by: @spidermac

high temp of 28 degrees, low of 16, wind chill of 10 to 0 degrees..

Being from cold weather country ...  we have some cold days here but not like back home.  Probably everyone here already knows all this, but around here I find I have to explain to parents about wicking base layer vs cotton base layer for cold weather work outs. 

For a relatively budget friendly alternative to expensive commercial long-john pants, when its cold and dry, flannel pj pants cut off at the knees work pretty well.  If its wet, forget it.  

Also those plastic football gloves the kids like to get, suck the heat out of hands.  Poor choice.  

Some positions the kids can put a cheap chemical hand warmer in those 'muffs' they make for Football. 

Hope this helps 

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Why not try to get a gym if you can afford it? I am from Rochester NY and if we are in a playoff run in middle of November we always try to get 2 or 3 practices indoors when we know the weather is going to be below 30, especially if it is going to snow/rain. I will say though that we normally practice on grass and that really sucks in cold sloppy weather. Key is do you think you will accomplish anything worthwhile with the kids and coaches being miserable?


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