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Well, that didn't take much!

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Over the summer so far, I've been rather tied up with a few things, but mostly "taking care" of my old friend Don.  He'd been in a nursing home most of the previous year, against his will, after he'd had a fall and what he said was a slight stroke.  He was really bored, wanted to get back to his native NJ, and didn't need nursing care...but he does need...uh...help.  He's still capable of high intellectual functioning, and he's still funny, which is what I always loved about him, but he moves with difficulty, especially stepping down or reaching down from a chair, and he has short term memory loss.  He wants to bite off more of life than he can still chew, but I want him to do more of what he enjoys, plus I needed someone to help with expenses, so he moved in with me.

I didn't mind the challenge, because my previous housemate had been a manic-depressive friend whose spinal stenosis had him using a walker; his condition improved over the time he spent with me (which he said was the best time of his life), no longer needing the walker, before his life was suddenly cut off by Covid-19 during a diabetic crisis.  Still, setting up Don's life was taking longer than I'd anticipated, and I'd been out of touch with the club where I've been coaching since 2017, and I had just made the decision not to coach this year.  I'd also gotten more seriously into an aspect of the fireworking hobby I'd previously put off: rocketry.

And then, this evening, Coach Dennis showed up at my door and said he and the others I'd coached the "Varsity" (highest level in the Morris County YFL) of the Newton Braves last year wanted to know if I wanted to join them again this season.  In addition to his son and some others who'd been playing up, they picked up so many players eligible for Varsity that they split them into single-year teams.  I told Dennis of my predicament, but they still wanted me, so how could I refuse?  (And never mind if I hadn't taken care of any of this year's administrivia.)  I decided on the spot that, sure, I'll coach again, and if I have to take some days off, so be it.

So while I scotched the plan I had in the off-season of asking to HC at a younger age team in the club, come on, football with kids is too much fun to not be an AC.  Suddenly looking forward to it again, and I'll still find ways to entertain Don.

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That is outstanding!   

Thanx for sharing

Umm.... why does that 6 ft tall 9 yr old have a goatee...?

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We try to crawl out, but they keep pulling us back in!  Good job Bob.


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