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Added the wedge

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Greetings Coaches,

The HC asked me for something completely different and up the middle for the QB.  So, we put in the QB wedge last night.

Not sure we're doing it right.   Practiced vs Adults holding stand-up dummies...  First time we tried after walking thru it several times....  the kids finished it laughing... the whole bunch of 'em....  Begging to do it again... the kid laughing the hardest and loving it the most - the Center.    Told  him to keep his face up and 'ride the wave' (Thanx and Tip O' the Hat to whomever I stole that from) he thinks it the greatest thing since Cartoons.  

Spent 20 minutes ran it against the Adult held dummies about 9 - 10 times...  the kids laughing every time.   The wedge moved the dummies pretty well. most times the QB hugged it until it broke up and he found a seam to run thru.   The kids are loving this play.

My Question is.... Are the kids supposed to be laughing after running wedge... or am I missing something?


Umm.... why does that 6 ft tall 9 yr old have a goatee...?

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Laughing all the way to the endzone! The defense won't find it funny