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Beast adjustment

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For those who have followed Mahonz and my Beast adventures, we have been running mega splits for about the last dozen seasons or so. I got away from that this year because I have a lot of big kids. One has apparently quit and another is out with a concussion for at least 2 more weeks, but I still have a lot of bigs.  

In Mega splits, the idea is to force big defensive linemen to play in space, then let the backs find the natural seams. We have described it as a kick return from scrimmage. With our old team, Mahonz and I were blessed with backs who knew how to exploit those seams and Beast became a big play offense for us.

This season, at Mahonz' suggestion, I implemented TKO from Beast. What we create can't be described as a "hole". It's more like a driveway. We were able to successfully move the ball (although inconsistently) against all opponents, including the good ones. We stalled a bit more than I would have liked against the "never been beaten" team and film revealed why.  Our RBs were picking and choosing their way through the tunnel, jump cutting, juking and looking for a clear path to the endzone. This made the job of the blocking backs exponentially harder. The 2nd level defenders were moving all over the place, reacting to the ball carrier and they had to hold their blocks longer because the BC remained in the tunnel much longer.

So I designed a drill that I thought I'd share. I can see it working with 16 Power in UBSW and DW toss.  Additionally, I think it would also work with GOD or other rules blocking.   We ran it for 15-20 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday then unleashed it on Thursday against our friendly scrimmage partner. This team has done a better job of defending beast than just about ever other team we faced except for the "never been beaten team". We scored easily on 2/3 Beast plays and we picked up 7 yards on the 3rd due to a bobbled snap. Looking forward to seeing it tonight against a 50 front opponent who often aligns with 9 men on the LOS.

Note: we have been working hard at everyone being at a dead sprint, especially the o-line. Sprinting to their landmark really seems to be effective.

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