Blocking the 3 tech
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Blocking the 3 tech

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You guys got any suggestions on blocking a 3 technique once you pull the guard?  As soon as i pull my guard the 3 tech he is in my back field trying to teach the tackle to get there but he never does.

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Dive and cut by the bs tackle

Or block back by the center

Or pick off chaser with a back


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How far are you recessed?

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Make sure your C is opening up completely flat or even going back slightly and getting his head in front of the 3 tech.  You can have your G cut down his split if necessary to bring the 3 tech in there closer.

If you're trying to scoop the 3 tech with the T, you should back your line off the ball as far as possible (hand on the C's heel).  The T needs to open up completely flat and get his head in front of the 3, ripping his backside arm up through the bottom of the 3 tech's thigh to cut him.  He can lay out flat if he has to--the most important thing is getting his body in front for the 3 tech to "make that 3 a 5."  You can have him cut down his split to 1' or even 6" if you have to.

Other options are to have a back fill for the puller or, if you're in the gun or pistol, read the 3 tech on runs away from him for a keep up the middle.  You may also have the G make a call when he has a 3 tech to make the T or even C pull, depending on the play, while the G blocks back on the 3 tech.

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I'm assuming you are pulling a front side G to backside? We back block that 3 with our Center most of the time.

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In a gap scheme bst will "pull check " or replace the guard. We coach it as " get into the position the guard was and be prepared for collision"

If the 3 tech is beating your tackle we will call something that says we will have the center take the 3 and tackle goes for touchdown block.

If the 3 tech is still a pain in the ass your trapping the wrong tackle or your just screwed all together

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