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I agree with Coach Mahoney. If the Q is under center he's going to get killed unless the "A" Gap rule applies to this scenario (It didn't in my league).

Here's how I defended it with the Q in the gun at 8U, where I was basically daring them to throw.

On the wide stack side, everyone is in a gap between linemen. If they block down on "bring it over", the man on the end will make the tackle.

On the two receiver side, there's a defender on each side of the stack. I usually have the inside man go for the pick.

Next to the center, I have one defender on each shoulder. The defender that's on the C's right shoulder (our left) makes sure the C doesn't go out for a pass. The other one gets after the QB.

I also had one guy who I floated around. Usually, he was positioned to where he could make the tackle on "bring it over" if they blocked out or where he could catch a lazy pitch.

That's my two cents... now to see how the rest of you defensed it.

Coach Terry

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