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Hands Blocking vs Shoulder Blocking

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As far as teaching goes, nothing and I mean nothing is more fun than teaching kids to block successfully and then seeing them display it on game day.



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Perhaps this helps

Great post and welcome to Dumcoach!

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Of all the posts this board's going to lose in the migration to come, this is one I'll really miss!

Newbie here

Coaching 3rd - 4th graders, rec league team, 2 practices / week 2 hrs /practice.  We draft - usually those last couple rounds are the heavily medicated or special ed kids.  We get some kids who turn 10 during the season, but mostly 8 - 9 yr olds.

Went to the Wing -T 4 seasons ago, made championship game that yr.  Since then we are 30-3 and won the league 3 straight (despite drafting last each yr).  Last 3 yrs we've been in  cross league challenges with 2 other leagues (the teams in 1st play, then the teams in 2nd place  on down).  We are 4 - 2 in those games... (one was 12-13 loss; the other loss we didn't belong on the field with those kids - much too talented, but we hung with them into the 4th Q when they got off an insanely deep pass and later added a pick 6.)  Those were 2 of the 3 losses we've had.

We teach shoulder blocking.  Our kids can't even bench press their bikes, but they can push them.  We emphasize blocking with our feet (Most common thing you'll hear during practice is... "Move your feet").  Since we draft, we have a combine... looking at kids, we ask ourselves, "if we put a beach towel under this kid's feet at the beginning of the play, will he still be on it after the play?"  We avoid those kinda kids, so our OLine is by far the smallest every year.

  • We severe angle step with OC, OT's and TE's. 
  • Our Draft starts with TB and Guards.  (TB - used to be called FB, but parents think "FullBack" is an indian word, means "No get ball".  so we now call it the TB)  This coming season both our OG's are coming back so we're good there.
  • We pull and Kick out and Gut with our OGs.  Teams stack the middle against us, Mostly double A (Practically 2 nose tackles- they get that tight) and double B gaps, and then overload the outside to stop the sweeps, so we're heavy on the Belly. 
  • We turned the Buck Sweep to the strong side into an off-tackle play (K-out End w/ play side G; turn up into hole w/ backside G) we mostly run the sweep to weakside with the WB.

That's most of our Offense, we do some sweeps off the Belly, but mostly, its Belly Rt, Belly lt, Bucksweep off-tackle to the strongside and sweep outside with WB to the open end. We have a counter off both the sweep and belly action.  Play action pass waggleing off both Belly and Buck action. 

Depending on talent, we are sometimes double Tight, sometimes with a split.  We adjust formation to our talent, so some seasons we're Red/Blue, some 100 / 900, occasionally we go full house.

We normally go on "2" which even when everyone knows we do it, we still get kids jumping on "1"  we use "1" as a change up.

Our basic technique for angle blocking...

  • Align as deep as legally possible
  • replacement step - 30 degrees or flat - if the A gaper is quick off ball.
  • Aiming point is outside shoulder at his hip.  Ear on his navel.  (kids to tend to get high, so low aim point keeps them lower since they will rise higher than we want)
    Keep legs moving.  If slide down, switch to reverse body block and 'bear crawl 'em

This is what we have found to work with small Oline kids vs Big Dline kids.  Esp. those kids folk think of as "space eaters", our kids call then "Jelly rolls" and 'eat 'em up.

Perhaps this helps

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