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October 22, 2019 9:57 pm  

So one of my players will miss our championship Super Bowl game (If I win next Saturday, I'm in.).  Since he'd miss that last game, I designed a TD play for him for this Saturday.  It's a TE reverse but amounts to a triple reverse.

I ran the play three times in practice tonight and all three times the TE ran into the kid he's supposed to take the reverse from (Age 7-8's, his first reverse, and his first carry ever.).  I will solve this problem by running it with just him and the handoff player, eliminating all others.  In 2-3 tries he'll learn to pass by the outside of the handoff player versus run into him.

In spite of this the kid ran for yards.  All three times we ran it the defense never saw it.  We had three defensive coaches on the other side of the ball and they never saw it either.  The first two times he wasn't even chased (The defense was tackling who they thought had the ball and the DC's were watching.).  Only one of the three DC's even saw him cross the goal line and he said nothing.  He was watching that kid and wondering "Why does he have a football and where is going with it?"

He thought the play, like everybody else, was already dead.  The ball carrier had been tackled.

Now I have never seen this play run before so I'm sharing it.  Some of you might be able to use it. 

It's based off the cross buck action.  That's when two (or three) backs cross in the backfield.  It's run with two TE's.  In the crossing action the QB fakes a FB dive to "B".  Yet the FB doesn't actually run "B".  He turns outside and doubles the DE with the TE on a kickout.

After executing the first fake, the QB fakes the buck action counter to the second back.  Now here comes the TE to that side around to take the third handoff (the first two were fakes) to run off tackle against the double teamed DE (Who gets absolutely crushed.).  The "D" on that side, seeing the FB doesn't have the ball, flows in mass to pursue the cross buck back.  Obviously, he must have the ball.  The reversing TE runs into an open field.  There's nobody there.  I'm not sure if it's a double reverse or a triple, but when you can fool three dads three times on a botched up play it's worth noting.

If someone runs it, let me know. 


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October 23, 2019 7:11 am  

I don't run it but with that much deception make sure you tell the refs you have a play/ reverse to a player that never carried the ball and make sure they don't blow it dead early. That would suck for little johnny.

You told me a long time ago about prepping the refs for a QB hands not being under center so he can go in motion, so I showed it to the refs before game and they were ready for it. The opposing sideline was going nuts because they said the QB couldn't go in motion.
I am positive they would have called that back if I hadn't prepped them for it.

I am sure you know to do this I was just trying to return the favor.

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October 23, 2019 8:09 am  

I am positive they would have called that back if I hadn't prepped them for it.

I'm sure they would.  We shifted during a punt, the defense jumped offsides, yet we were flagged for "initiating an imminent snap," or some such.  We had a fit, and then had a discussion with the refs at halftime.  We did the same thing again in the 2nd Half, the defense jumped offsides again and this time their defense was flagged for it.  Go figure.  Amazing what telling the refs what the rules are can do.


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