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Please share your blocking rules  

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November 1, 2019 5:57 am  

The rules mainly. I started the season out with the big boys but one of the younger groups was falling apart and I had to help stabilize them. We were running nothing efficiently on offense so I gave them a few basic ways to run in our last game out of one formation.

I'll have a stud at qb next year but I'm not a fan of passing much at this age group.

Mostly other teams would overload our a gaps and just destroy the center. I'll have some easy fixes the kids can adjust into next year, but it will be my first time in full control of an offense also.

To me it all starts up front. If I can have smart players fitting with the right defenders, we will win.

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November 1, 2019 6:25 am  

The rules mainly.

As a Double Wing team, we are MOMA for the Center, GOD for the Guards and Tackles, GOOD for the TEs, FBI/Tight/Down for the WBs (their block is tagged). 

But we teach:

And these are always tagged.  We do not have all of these installed by Game 1 at the youth level.  However, we will add one new blocking scheme, per week.  Some will be ready by Game 1 (such as Wedge).  Others will not be ready until we add them later (G, Crack).

They are all installed by Game 1 at the high school level, including combos (QB & FB kick out; PSG & FB kick out, WB & FB kick out).

Due to time constraints at the youth level, my default blocking scheme would be a down-blocking scheme like SAB/TKO so I could then add my adjustments (combos) and other schemes (Wedge, Trap, Part, Reach) etc. 


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December 13, 2019 9:11 am  


We really only have one Blocking rule....  Severe angle step to inside get on track.  The OC is really the only one we have to work w/ on when to step playside, when to step back side.

Coaching 3rd & 4th graders.  Wing-T.  Practice twice/week; 2 hr/practice.  Time is limited.

We work on Kick out, Gut & Trap and Sweep blocking with everyone.  But only our OG's do so.  Our main focus is on severe angle step (30 degrees to flat), and getting head across the front of the DL, outside shoulder on hip, ear on belly button. Move your feet.  If no one crosses your face, go 2nd level.  If slide down to ground, reverse body block and bear crawl 'em.

Takes kids a couple weeks (I figure minimum of 4, for some kids 6, practices) to get the idea of 'track' blocking. As long they keep asking who do I block, I tell 'em to track, and we start all over again w/ the whole line, right there on the spot (You should hear the moans after about 5th time we go over it.  I stay positive and act like its absolute favorite thing in my life to cover.  Big smile, put the joy in my inflection - even if I have to fake it).  We keep teaching them to track until the kids stop asking me, who do I block.  HC gets weary of our stopping install to go over 'tracking' but he's come to see the light.  He's gotten used to stepping back and running the backs a couple times (we use a snake) till I've got 'em ready again.

hope this helps

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December 13, 2019 2:23 pm  

Runs inside the TE:
Inside Gap, Man On, Linebacker. Center blocks man on. If he's not covered, he finds a linebacker.
I define "Man On" depending on the splits. If we are tight (rarely), I say if their nose is inside your frame, he's covering you. If we widen out (often), if any part of his frame is inside your frame, he's on you. We point aggressively so everyone knows who you are blocking. No double teams allowed, but we let them give help . . . the least amount of help needed to get they guy under control. I don't sweat "which linebacker". I just tell them to go hunting. If a stud is killing us, I sick my best blocking back on him. If we are running at at a TE, he doesn't block a man on him. We kick him with a blocking back.

Runs outside the TE:
Playside Gap, Man On, Linebacker

Starting at the C and proceeding to the T's, we block the first 5 linemen from inside out. A walk up LB means we re-shuffle and re-identify. If the QB snaps the ball before the line adjusts, then he deserves to get hit. We ignore blitzers from depth because we throw the ball in 2 seconds. We also largely ignore the 6th or 7th rushers coming off the edge because our splits usually make them a non-factor. We can always pull in a back to deal with them if they are really fast.

We used to play around with slide protection, but our OC wanted the backs running routes, so there was no point unless we were rolling out. However, we've only had 1 QB who could roll out and throw worth a damn, so we haven't taught slide protection in a while.

We also wedge block.

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