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Teaching rule blocking for each play  

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Seems simple enough...until you get into the details of how to block that somebody, I would presume. 


But I think the biggest issue isn't what they're being taught, but IF they're being taught.  And that goes back to the majority of problems of offensive line play at the youth level.  It's not the scheme (or even the lack of one) that's as big of an issue as the lack of attention to detail in coaching.  Many coaches believe that "It's so simple.  Just block the guy ahead of you."  And while it may be "simple," that doesn't mean it's easy.  And that's where most coaches (regardless of experience or level) make the mistake.  If something is simple, they think that it doesn't require a great deal of practice.  Whereas the mindset should be, if we want to be good at it, we need to invest the required amount of time to be good at it.


This is, in my opinion and experience, one of the most misunderstood aspects of coaching. Simple ain't easy and telling ain't coaching.

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