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HIgh School Varsity Coaching Positions Available

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Annapolis Area Christian High Varsity Offensive staff has immediate coaching positions available

AACS Upper School is located in Severn Maryland

We are a Christian private school and faith is a requirement to be on our staff

* We are currently holding open interviews for at a minimum WR, QB and Strength coaches. We would also be in the market for aquality Offensive coordinator if an individual were well suited for the job through the interview process. As we currently do one coach may fill more than one of these rolls on the staff. Coaches may also participate on the Defensive staff but we do not require that so that we allow our staff to have breaks through the season to deal with Family and other life issues and not interrupt the flow of the season.

* You are not required to be a teacher or work at our school to coach but there are typically other positions of employment available at the school if you are interested and apply with the HR department at the School.

* For our position coaching slots we require a minimum of 2 to 4 years experience at the youth level. Obviously more experience and coaching at higher levels will work as a plus to your application. We run a Spread Hybrid offense but we try to adapt our scheme to our personnel so other coaching philosophies are welcome.

* Contact Coach Ray Idleman Director of Football Operations Annapolis Area Christian Upper School for more info or to set up an interview.

* email:ray.idleman@gmail.com Call or txt:443-324-6612 Instagram: @aacsfootball or @coach_ray_idleman Facebook: Raymond Idleman

* As listed above faith is an important part of who we are as a school and a program so while you will not be required to be a evangelist on the field you will be required to commit to the school and our program that you will support the faith based environment we have at our school.

We look forward to speaking to all potential applicants.