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High School Varsity Interview: HELP!  

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Need advice on how to prepare and be ready for a HS Varsity HC position I’ll be interviewing for,

Hi Coach,

Perhaps a little late, but I had interviewed for a HC job once, more for the experience, it was a poorly kept secret that they knew who they wanted (a guy I knew and liked), but they had to go thru the process, since I knew I wasn’t going to get the job, and was there more for curiosity sake, I was relaxed, went in prepared, turned out 2 of the folk on the committee were (positive) acquaintances and I went in to sell myself - never know how a good interview may open a door later.  [Private Christian School, enrollment ~ 700]  I learned about a year later my interview went very well.   

A surprise twist in the plot, over the 20 some yrs since I had been in H.S. there had been some shifting of teams in conference alignments.  Two of the big bullies in the league had been rivals of my school when I played in H.S.  When they were mentioned I guess my eyes lit up, because the old fires sprang to life.  I was almost salivating when I spoke of playing them (again).  I guess my enthusiasm for those battles caught their attention.

My suggestion, if get another interview somewhere, find out who you’d be playing if you get the job and have an idea of how you’d approach doing battle with those particular teams, esp. any historical, emotionally-charged rivals, and the traditional powerhouses in that league.  Mention their offensive and defensive schemes as if facing them were old hat, and you were very familiar with them, and esp. if you know their coaches.


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