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Eliminating kickoffs

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3-4th grade lvl, we kick off, but there's nothing after that. No run back, it just ends up the other team's ball where they recover it. Same with the punt game, no rush on the punter and the ball ends up where they down it. In out 5-6th grade league everything is go except rush on the punter and kicker on PATS.

What I hate the most about the kickoff thing is that is the absolute favorite thing for the kids to do.

Absolutely true.. ALL of them want to kick the dang ball.. I don't know what's so appealing. I had two of them I settled on rotating, and one had gotten into his head that it was HIS turn. Well it wasn't, and I upheld that. He ended up pouting and half a$$ing it the rest of the game. He ended up sitting after halftime.

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