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Onside Kick Recovery Percentage

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We are a first year tackle team (2nd Grade) and so far we have recovered 8 of 24 onside kicks.  We have really probably recovered a few more, but the refs have been generous with awarding the other team the ball because we were already leading by a couple of TDs.  This is my first year coaching tackle football, is 33% a good percentage, or is it something we should devote more time too?

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I would be happy with 33% in most cases because you have to have a good kick, a team that can't field it, your kids to run down there and get it, and sometimes you need a little luck of the bounce.  You also need to be able to score so that you have a higher number of kick offs.  😀

I have 4th/5th graders and we have been getting much better with onsides and I have a goal of recovering 1 per game.  Might need to bump it up as we have been consistently getting that and we had 2 last week and just missed on a 3rd.