multibone offense  

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September 27, 2016 6:39 pm  

That sounds great. Is that something I can find via the web.

Do you mean Veer Pass?

After trial and error, the Veer Pass protection that works best for me is basically a Half Slide.  The good thing is that it's extremely versatile and can be recycled for drop back passing as well, though that's not a good fit in an option offense.

For veer pass, your C will block man on or backside A gap.  BSG will block backside B gap.  BST will block backside C gap.  They should hinge.

To the play side, you'll man up.  The PSG will lock on to any DT who's on him.  If he's uncovered, he'll block play side A gap.  The PST will block the next man out--almost always the DE.

You'll fake the Veer for 2 steps, then the QB will step behind the dive back and set up to throw.  After the fake, the dive back will basically just fit off the G and block the gap where he's not, looking for the PSLB.  The "pitch back" will come around and help the T with the DE, keeping his eyes open for a second player coming off the edge.  With the backs, it's a PAP with a 7 man protection.

For routes, you can run all kinds of stuff off it.  If you have 2 receivers play side there, I like the old Dump Pass with #1 on a streak and #2 on a 10 yard out--it's money.

Or you can run the Post/Wheel if you ever switch block the edge--that's been about 70% of Georgia Tech's passing attack and it can break big--their "post" is very shallow and looks more like a slant.  The post wheel has potential to be a huge play.

If the S is just flying over play side, and they often do in youth ball, you can have your backside receiver on a drag, dig, or post--whatever suits your QB's arm, and call the play with a predetermined throw to that guy when you see the defense over-rotating.

Those things will help keep the secondary honest.

Add a naked bootleg off the Toss Sweep (have your TE come across on a drag while the SE runs a deep comeback or even a streak) and you've got all the passing you'd ever need.

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