Simplest option out there?  

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May 11, 2018 6:38 am  

Zach said easiest option is run pass option. I agree with that way of thinking, but passing it complicates things because the receiver then has to catch it. :).

"3 things happen when you throw the ball and 2 are bad. " - Woody Hayes

Easiest the one you can teach most effeciantly and get out what you put in.

Simplicity tells me less is more. So double option... "do this...unless"  (dcwt differentiates between option and pitch tags this way"

Now how much time are you giving the "reader" to "read" ... distance is increased distance between read key and the reader is important.

Solid blocking scheme -  "but option leaves people unblocked to read ya big dummy" ... you right, but ive seen more options destroyed by players that werent being read because the blocking scheme is unsound. Want proof...look back at option blocking threads its like the trading floor on wallstreet. No one knows but everyone knows what to do.

Sooooo lets put it all together

- 1 read or double option
- use "unless" rules from dcwt maybe as a guide to teach the read.
- max distance options-  from Gun :  zone read, speed option, load option, rpo. Under center - outside veer, speed, load, rpo
-blocking scheme - 2 choices for me are wedge concept and count from the read.

Hope this helps

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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