What would you run triple option or double dive series?  

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Bob Goodman
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March 2, 2017 9:44 am  

The only drawback I see to base blocking both dives is the necessity to hold the blocks longer for the 2nd dive, because even if the DL is influenced by the 1st dive to pick the wrong gap, they may have time to get totally around the blocker by the time of the 2nd dive, depending on how good your blockers are about sticking with the opponent wherever he wants to go; that may not even be part of your regular blocking style.  If you're used to opening the hole just in time, then the T-E cross-block for blast (2nd dive slanting off tackle) may be your preference.  The 1st diving back may get a piece of the DL being taken inside by the OE even if he doesn't go for the fake.

I would definitely base block the 1st Dive.  It's such a quick hitter that it should work just fine. 

As for the 2nd Dive I'd prefer to use my normal off tackle scheme or a slight variation since that would cut down on teaching. 

I can see a few options for the 2nd Dive including a cross block like you described.  Of course it depends on the abilities of my players and the fronts we're playing.

I'm hesitant about straying too far from our base schemes because I could see this easily getting into my linemen having to make calls which isn't a road I wanna go down just yet.

The issue we had w the cross-block (not in the above-stated offense, but I formation, same club) was a G-T cross-block if the C-G & G-T gaps were both occupied, because then our C had to crab it on a lead play.  However, you'd have a fake runner diving the G-T gap while you're T-E cross-blocking, and I don't think you'e have to worry about covering that gap in that case.  I don't see a need for a line call there.

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March 2, 2017 11:48 am  

We have a VERY simple series that looks like a Double Dive- but it isnt
Called our Burst Series
SInce we can snap to all 3 backs and they are low and close- we:
Snap to the BB and he runs wedge
OR we snap to the FB and we run off tackle
OR we snap to the QB and we run sweep or he hands to the wing on COunter
Backfield action is always the same
REALLY simple
We just snap it to someone different and block it different depending on who we want with the ball

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