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a player's view on transition to HS ball

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I just came across this.

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I just came across this.



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Like they say, football does not build character, it reveals it...the kid who answered was was revealed, he wanted to rely on speed and athleticism instead of learning scheme and technique...

Like I have always said...the good stuff is always hard...

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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One of the Quora responses was right on the money. There is no "casual football" once you move on to HS. Or, if there is, your HS program probably sucks. Kids go from showing up to practice and working hard at practice a couple nights per week, then play a game on Saturday to weights, meetings, 2 a days, weights, conditioning, fundraising, camps, community services etc etc etc. Many of them learn the cold reality that HS football, as in life, there are no minimum play rules. As I've said in another thread, for some kids a tremendous amount of passion for the game is needed to endure HS football.

For me, it was simple. As a freshman and sophomore, my athleticism and smarts kept me on the field on O and D. After that, I was expected to outwork 10 other guys to get reps. That didn't sit well with me, so I quit. 17 year old me was a selfish, self-centered prick, so of course I didn't like HS football.

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