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Good News Update

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So I have been using a version of Coach Potters Good News with my 6 year old flag team, they have award boards to put their paw stickers on if there mom or dad put something in the box.

Get an A, get a paw. Be a good citizen, get a paw. Be a good brother, son, cousin, get a paw. Essentially, I told the parents that whatever they want to reinforce, put it in the Good News box, and I would help them by giving their sons a paw 🙂

My 13 year old son, Goose (nickname, his real name is Ryan) is helping us at the practices, and the little kids love him...

While reading the Good News Notes from the boys in there, sometimes I take a poke at my son, "Wow, Timmy, you took out the trash without being asked? That's awesome! You could teach Goose a thing or two." Most of the time I have to tell him to take the trash out  ::)

The boys think it is really cool that they can teach Goose, so they want to change the name of the Good News Box to the Teach Goose Box ;D

I had one parent come up to me last Saturday during pictures, and tell me he really likes our Good News Program, he said "Every day my son is thinking about how to be a good citizen so he can get something put in the box"

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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Awesome story.  Perhaps I'll change the name of it to "Teach Goose" should I get the chance to be a header again.


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😉  Coollllll

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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Going through older posts I've missed. This was awesome to read, funny stuff too. Nice job coach.

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