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Our starting RB from 2016-2018 just lettered for his HS Varsity team, made all Conference and was voted MVP of the Offense. He is a Freshman...5'1 and 145 pounds but growing. Plays RB.

He would study film for hours on Sunday after our games. Never said a word during the seasons....just did. Never missed a practice or a game even when injured. He missed 3 games in a row due to a concussion but was there for his Brothers every day.

His mom was insane and quite a good way. Single parent raising 5 kids. Her 3 oldest are in the military right now. First year he played for us he took a face mask to the forearm in our playoff game. I get a call from her about an hour before practice that next week telling me she thinks he broke his arm but cant get him to the doctor until the next day but he will be at practice so keep and eye on him.

What the...what?

He shows up and one of our medical parents determines its a deep bruise so we put a cast protector on it and off he severe pain.  He did not do any contact that day but he insisted on participating so we let him.  Doc determines its a deep bruise as well so he powers all the way thru the championship game never complaining.

His goal is to play in the NFL.

I think he has a chance. Maybe the next Darren Sproles.

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You can never put a tape measure or stopwatch to measure "heart."

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You can never put a tape measure or stopwatch to measure "heart."

^ This, exactly.  Which is why I don’t choose players based on an eyeball test.  We let the players decide.


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One of my favorite clips from him in 6th grade.

This was the year we thought we'd have to go full time 5 wide empty because we didn't have any running backs.

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