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So the search  function said I tried too many times in 5 minutes.  WTH.


I have been to a couple of Basketball games, watching the kids that I coach in Football play.  Already I have seen some kids I would like to see play.  I even talked to one and his parents.  I watched them play against another team up the road from us who has a couple of kids that play on my squad.  In either case, I see a lot of kids I want to, at the very least, give Football a try!  I will be reaching out to folks I know to connect me with their parents and/or talk to them about playing.  Hey it 6th Grade Basketball.  I'm looking at build, hustle, and potential!  Some kids and parents will blow me off.  Yet if I can get 2 or 3 to come out and give it a go, and work with them, I'd be ecstatic!  That's grass roots networking.  Its not about W/L its about getting them out here and giving it a try!  Hell I will even go to some Baseball games to recruit!  I can share athletes!  Word! These are but a few! 

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂