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Scary moment

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So, I had a really scary moment two nights ago.  Driving home at night, in the rain, nothing too abnormal.  At last second, saw a man walking on the edge of the road really close to traffic.  Cars were coming the other way so I couldn't serve out.  I moved over as far as I could with the second I had, as I went by, I heard a loud thump.  I had hit the guy!!!

I went down the road, found a place to turn around, while calling 911 - drove back to where he might be - expecting to see him in the woods on the ground.  He was still walking!  I pulled over and checked on him.  He said he was fine that only the mirror got him (my mirror was all smashed up).  He moved his arm every which way, no bruising, no scars.  My heart began to slow down.  Because I had already called 911, I asked him to stay so they could check everything out (he would have preferred to let things go).

The police and ambulance got there, he refused having them check him out insisting he was okay.  Then the thing that brought me back to earth; The driver of the ambulance said, "Remember me coach, I played football for you".  I did remember him, of course he looked much different now with a beard and taller than me.  Wow.

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