Four Verticals  


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March 5, 2020 7:51 pm  

How are you guys making four verticals work at the youth level?  I am contemplating on consolidating my entire dropback passing game into 4 verticals only.  This would require tags of course.   But I like the simplicity of it and the amount of reps my guys could get every practice using this method.  Plus, I could even have the qb tag a route if he sees a receiver has leverage on a certain route.  It would help the kids learn the game as well.  This would be middle school kids.

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March 7, 2020 10:52 am  

Steve Cee We run it from the double wing and it is a cover 3 killer! the number one widest in our formation looks  for the ball immediately in the flat as he GAINS WIDTH toward the numbers. So a wing would basically run a wheel route, if the flat is open he should get the ball like any type of 62 has nobody in flat...the number two receiver attacks his seam ( the hash marks and looks for the ball over the shoulder away from his most dangerous, in theory, we explode on the snap gaining width and deth depth attacking the seams and numbers. We usually read it right to left. If our QBs buy in, the flat is there a ton, eventually the corners squat on the flat and the poor safety tries to defend BOTH seams with both hashmark rec looking over their outside shoulder. A real game changing concept for the 2wing.

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March 8, 2020 11:36 am  

I used four verts a bit out of spread, though truth be told....I used it mainly to clear out and hit my RB on a swing pass "if" I had a good match up between the RB and mlb.  As the kids and my QB became more comfortable with spread, we would run verts out of trips to isolate a one on one match up on the backside receiver.  Also ran a couple different empty sets where we would run four verts with one of the five receivers tagged with either a slant, out, drag, or a slant/corner (depending upon where that receiver was coming from).  For example, if want to target my outside receiver, then I am using a slant while sending everyone else deep.  If I am targeting an inside receiver, then I am using either an out route or a slant/corner route.  Again, using it as a clear out.  I know that is cheating a bit when it comes to the four vert scheme, but no one cared when we were gaining yards.