Hands Catching - How young is too young?  

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December 18, 2017 8:57 am  

When I was an OC or DC I really hated it when my counterpart made it impossible to do any installation because they always had to be competitive (Win). Even if that meant defeating the purpose of "Installation".       

I see your point and agree entirely. However, we install in a progression and only go live when we're ready. I really think it makes us better on both sides of the ball. A few seasons ago, I probably got competitive, but the last two, I'm looking out for the team. When it's an offensive day, Mahonz and the DC are throwing everything at us because if we can handle that, game day will be easy. When it's a defensive day, I watch for "cheaters" and will burn them, then stand back and watch the "selfish football" fireworks show.

When in doot . . . glass and oot.

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