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October 30, 2015 9:15 pm  

One of my Coaches and I were wondering how many catches our TE has over his youth career.

He is a 6th grader...played since the 3rd grade. He is the youngest of 5 sons and all of his big brothers were HS football stars. When this young man has a bad game his brothers beat the crap outta him in their horse stables by running him and running him and then running him some more while pelting him with footballs.

I'd say he is around 150 catches lifetime. Four Fall Seasons and 2 Spring Seasons.  Probably had 30+ alone his 3rd grade season since he was the only position we threw passes too....and he scored a lot of TD's that season. Last Spring he had one 4 TD day receiving.

Here is one of our plays that only sends him out into route....and it really doesn't matter if he is double or even triple covered. He has done this time and again...for years. He just gets it.

If he can touch it....he will catch it. Fun to watch him play. Oh and he is one heck of a blocker.

I wish all of my players had 4 big brothers.  😛

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October 31, 2015 9:44 pm  

Yeah, P-Lo is a beast. I believe he had 3 TDs last week.

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