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Pass Pro with lesser lineman

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2 seasons ago I was coaching JV B football (freshman team with the option to bring down sophomores) teams got smart and just dropped their entire "JV A" team down and proceeded to crush their opponents for recruiting purposes.
Regardless, it was the first year under the new regime and we did not have the time to recruit so we lacked talent, and just lost 3 starters on the OL, when I came up with the bright idea of...running pass pro in one direction.

Being a big fan of half slide, I simply slid to the left every single time so the kids only had to learn one thing (1/5th at times never playing football before)

at the end of the season we finished with giving up 0 sacks, and our QB threw for about 15 touchdowns
the key was getting the ball out quick by leaning on the quick game (as well as the run game)
and in my opinion running only one pass protection (direction)

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We did the same thing a few years ago in HS.  An area HS powerhouse has been a half slide one way team for a decade plus.  There are definitely advantages to doing so. 

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We were always a slide team. Fooled around with others but slide always worked especially considering how much we passed. I can see why hs might want more but I think youth can go with slide and call it a day. We only ever had pap, a quick game and a 3 step game.

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Been Coaching Slide for years! 

Unless you foolishly think you have Aaron Rogers and a whole core of receivers at the youth level, why torture yourself with anything else? 

Rise Up
3 Step.

If you run Pistol Depth Rise Up is exactly that and 3 step becomes shuffle feet throw  😉

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂