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Running pass plays only one way

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The Air Raid did this back in the day. Does anyone currently only run their pass plays in on direction?

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I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of coaches that do this!  I understand this for run plays...but, I wouldn't want to run smash into the boundary. 

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Ive seen where air raid teams dont move receivers from one side of formation to the other. I have seen how teams do this in part with "if this then that"

To defense wins point...the smash into the boundary is hard...but having a flag route  instead of the corner while suttle a difference makes it work... or if smash is called biundary runs wheel..seen that too

A lot of concepts in traditional air raid work great regardless of where on the field they are

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

Bob Goodman
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The Air Raid did this back in the day. Does anyone currently only run their pass plays in on direction?

1 direction that you can tell from the formation (or which receiver is where)?  Or 1 direction (left/right) absolutely?

1 year when we had a trips package, we had it to the left side exclusively.  There didn't seem to be much for us to gain by flip-flopping it.  Even if we'd flip-flopped, since the routes were designed to work w the trips setup, I don't even know what it would've meant to try to run those plays from one formation both ways.  Another year we had a spread package with motion across that dictated the direction of most of the plays, so same idea.

When we used balanced spread formations, we did practice the same routes for receivers on both sides of the formation, and some patterns were mirror images L-R, but we knew our passer was likely to throw only to the good receivers, so while they were theoretically both ways, in reality they weren't really.  I imagine many youth teams will be in the same situation with a mixture of scrubs and stars at receiving positions.

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I coached a freshman team this past season and put in air raid (we were prostyle, qb uc for the first game) after a week one beat down where we probably had negative rushing yards and gave up about seven sacks.  I really stripped down the offense.  no trips, everything was 2x2, wrs lined up in the same place every time.  We used y-stick and H-stick, y-corner and H-corner.  our only drop back game was mesh and smash,  and we only tagged z or y to run a corner or post on mesh.  X was always meshing.

we used all of the air raid quick game, but only had one run play, inside zone.
our qb was never sacked from week 2 to week 10, except on bad snaps.  and this team passed the ball about forty times a game.  65 attempts in one particular game.

we were 5-5 but we were able to move the ball every week thru the air.  we won one game where we had zero rushing yards but five td passes.

At midseason I put in a beast package because we had no four minute offense.  we were always in four wide.

If I were to use y-sail or y-cross, i would do it only one way.  But didn't even put those plays in.

So, we did run plays both ways but cut out a lot of plays,  so the philosophy was the same.

Dusty Ol Fart
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I run a 2 SE Double Wing Formation, Rarely a TE.  See Jack Gregory's 2X2 Stuff.

I agree if you arent willing or able to throw Back Side. its advantage Defense!  To my thinking its no different than a Counter Running play.


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I think this question goes to something I believe in, you better understand the entire play, front to back, or completely. You do not need a lot of plays if you understand how the play succeeds vs everything. In the case of the pass you better be able to throw it vs MOFO and MOFC coverages. If you do not understand it, you are stealing reps due to your own ineptitude. I know that sounds bad, but that is where I am at.

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