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March 25, 2015 6:35 am  

Any drills you all use to help with the footwork of QBs on a Sprint Out type of action? Rolling right or left, 3 steps and throwing on the run? Right now they want to stop, set their feet and then throw, would like it to be quicker than that.

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March 25, 2015 7:23 am  


The Circle drill is the best for teaching QB's to throw on the run. We teach our QB's to be athletes & throw on the run.

We cone out a circle approximately 15 yds in diameter and have 2 QB's run & throw to each other circling each direction. We coach them to throw on the run.


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March 25, 2015 8:45 am  

If they really don't have any clue at all how to throw on the run (like they just can't do it at all), start during their warmups with having them throw "goofy foot" - i.e. with the right foot forward for a right-handed QB.  Once they have that down, have them walk their back foot forward as they throw - so (for a right-handed QB) start with the right foot forward and start the throw with the feet stationary; as the throwing arm starts to come forward, allow the left foot to come off the ground - the ball should be thrown while that foot is still off the ground and then the left foot comes down in front of the right foot (not directly in front, just a natural walking motion) after the ball comes out.  It should be a very smooth, natural walking motion - if the QB is herky-jerky, he's not doing it right.  Once they get that down, then you can have one thrower jog at the other, who will backpedal, and throw the ball to him.  When he catches the ball, both players reverse direction so that the player with the ball always jogs forward and throws and the other player always backpedals and catches the ball.  Once they have that down, then they can graduate to the Circle drill Joe described.  If they really have no concept of how to throw while moving (and a lot of kids, especially younger ones, really don't), their not going to be able to do the Circle drill until they can understand the mechanics of how to even throw the ball while moving.

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After warm up'S we have to qb's get about ten yards away facing each other throwing while jogging at each other back and forth nice easy throwing with proper mechanics and touch concentrating on a nice firm throw with drive and snap on it about head high ass it gets comfortable you can speed it up and add distance.

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