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Off Set Pistol

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Does anyone have any information on the offset pistol?  Meaning when the back is not directly behind the QB but slightly to his right or left?  Ohio State and Clemson use it as opposed to the conventional pistol formation.

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Coach Pratley has some stuff with offset as well as Coach Cox who just came back to the boards. Not a lot to it like Coach Wright said before...formations are inexpensive new plays are lol . 

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I've seen a few people speak on pistol, can't remember who said this, but at least one guy I saw at Glazier (HS) talked about allowing the TB to offset as he saw fit.  He kept an eye on it to make sure it didn't become it's own tell, but basically they ran enough stuff so that he wasn't worried about it - if the TB needed to flex a step or two to get where he needed to go more efficiently/timely, so be it.