Advice for practicing with a small team  

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February 13, 2020 12:26 pm  


Ours is an 'everyone plays' league (if not playing O, then must play D - the whole game) so when the teams get up over 20 kids each, the league starts a new team.  Sometimes were as low as 15 / team.  

The other teams' coaches seem intent on having their kids beat each other's brains out (and run off the really weak kids), and tend to get with the other teams to scrimmage a lot (Every team practices at the league facility on the same nights, we're spread out over several acres).   We tend to spend more time working vs bags (Esp on the plank), the Backs working group separate from the OL (which I coach).   

Then the Right side of the OL runs vs bags with the backs.   Then the Left side.  [We usually - being very selective in who - have a couple extra parents holding bags]  

While they work on timing and such vs bags, I get to spend time with the 2-3 kids not holding bags working w/ them individually on their weak areas.  This time tends to pay dividends toward the end of the season.  Tho not all kids will come around, often kids who are a liability at the beginning of the season become contributors toward the end.

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I love small teams bc we can be a team all practice long


What we did: 18 kids

- warm up in partner tackling progression 

- 12 perfect blocks

- defensive run period 7v7 with subs

- defensive pass 7v7 with subs

-offensive run period 

-Offensive pass period

- special teams

- dismiss


We taught scheme in these periods, we also had to teach minimaly regarding technique. Which is where Michael and I just started throwing out all the details of blocking and just use the main points. 


Lots of fun, miss this group of boys

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Lots of 4v3 type stuff. The rest of your team is cones, and your running back will take a hand off from you. your blockers who aren't cones are lined up, and the defense only gets a few guys. Then they run said play. So imagine a Tackle and guard doing a cross block on two defensive lineman, and someone leading through the hole to pick up a line backer. It's actually pretty sweet because it now involves half your team. Compare that to the teams with 30 people who run 11 on 11, and 1/3rd of the kids aren't even in the play where another 11 kids don't do much of anything on the play. You can run the 4v3 type stuff about 4 times faster too, so you get a lot more meaningful reps in way less time than those clunky 30 man teams do.  

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