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Art of War - Preparation

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Every Battle is won or lost, before it is ever fought - Sun Tzu - dead Chinese guy

Okay...little kid football, I get it, it is not war...but Sun Tzu's book is full of stuff that can be applied to lots of things other than war...and I dig it...and the above definitely applies to football, at any level...which is why I put so much effort into scouting my opponents and planning my practices...we filmed our round robin scrimmages on Saturday, to see what we did well, what needs to be fixed...and to prepare for our first game...

I have 5 and a half hours of Hudl time since I put the film up Sunday night...I went through and evaluated each of my players...identifying what we need to work on with dline for example, was slow off the ball in the scrimmages...tonight's practice plan has us working specifically on get off and things that affect get off...I then went through and evaluated my opponents...where are the holes in their defense, what can I expose on their offense? What plays should I run to take advantage of what I saw? How should I align my defensive front to take away what they do well?

Then I went through each play the ran offensively to see if there are any "tells"..."If they line up with number 6 here they are running this play" (for example)...then I drew them up in Power Point and Printed them...when we run team defense, the scout offense are going to run the bad guys plays...luckily, they are simple plays, I formation stuff, lead, dive, offset I stuff, lead...they didn't show any trickery...not sure if they were being vanilla intentionally or if that is all they have...but my boys will know how that when 6 lines up on our left...the ball is going to our right, attack your area of the field, find the ball, kill the ball...and Mr. Backside pursue through the backfield, looking BCR (boot, counter, reverse).

Then I evaluated their did they align to our alignments, how did they react to motion...and I drew up the fronts they used and plugged in our 3 plays (left and right) and showed how we will block it...when we run play polish, we will run it against their they will know how to block it.

And no...this won't be the only focus of our practices...they are 8...we need to tackle and block every day in practice...we need to keep their physicality up...

If I do run the practices effectively, we will be prepared...and the outcome will never be in doubt...

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.