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halftime routine

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mostly talking about middleschool - but i would like to hear from the youth guys as well.

how do you use your halftime? we get 10 minutes + a 3 minute warm up time

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I usually try not to get irate while the HC spends five minutes talking about how the second half is OUR half. It takes a lot of effort.

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We're lucky to get 5 Minutes for Halftime.

As such our discussion is always geared towards how we did in the first half and what needs to be done to accentuate or correct same.  To Michael's Point I dont waste time on whose half is what.  Its look at the Scoreboard and lets keep it up or go over how to right the ship!  Whats wrong and whats right? 

Coach we can beat them off the edge.  Coach we are having a tough time blocking the interior.  Hey, I cant cover this kid without help!  I'm getting double teamed, someone should be free? 
This Dline guy is soft.   

Its either Finish them or Wrap your heads around it and help your brothers out!

The plays we have work!  The Defense we play works as well!  It's your team now execute!

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I give the kids time to get water, oranges, what ever...2-3 min... small talk about the 1st half and how we need to go inti the second half based off of the 1st. Then small pep talk...then they get loose if they need.  I don't push a " re warm up"

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First thing I'll do is make sure we're in the right mentality. If we're giving 100% but some making mistakes, I'll calm em down. If we're up big but being lethargic, I might chew some ass. There's nothing funnier than the looks on the new kids faces when they're up 24-0 at half and getting their asses chewed (my vets aren't as surprised).

Then I'll tell them what I'm seeing (as far as issues) and ask what they're seeing on the field. We work together for the best solution.

Then I remind them the 2nd half is OUR half 😉 and we go get warmed back up and play ball

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I like to give them 3-4 minutes to relax and get some water, while the coaches confer about adjustments and MPR stuff. Then we give them the plan for the 2nd half and a little pep talk. We only do a quick warm up if it is particularly cold and the halftime is longer than 10 minutes.

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mostly talking about middleschool - but i would like to hear from the youth guys as well.

how do you use your halftime? we get 10 minutes + a 3 minute warm up time

5 min medical, hydrate, urinate
Thats time for coaches to process and communicate
5 min to communicate and make adjustments
3 min stretch


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10 Minute Halftime.

Hard Rule-No coaches talk to kids for first 5 Minutes-let them relax and have fun and Hydrate with Gatorade/Water.

Coaches meeting during first five minutes:

1. What is working on offense? Have they adjusted they way we thought they would?  What is different from our original game plan?

2. Defense-Where are they hurting us?  What have they not run we expected them to?  We always review LB and DE play.

3. Plays-where are we on plays-who needs plays?

4. Quickly discuss one or two adjustments with kids-CALMLY.  We are not rah-rah at halftime.

5.Set up Kick-off-we are almost always kicking off 2nd half.  If we win toss we take the ball and I have found that 95% of time if other team wins toss they defer.

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In high school, we are 12&3.  In youth, we were 10 (with no additional time for warm up).  In youth, we'd get hydrated, go over 2nd-Half adjustments and then with 3 minutes left the Kickoff Team or KO Return team would line up at their places on the field and take a knee.  In high school, after hydrating, I take 1-2 minutes to go over what has to be improved/changed/not changed for the 2nd-Half and then team goes to their position coaches for the duration.  At the 9:30 mark, we'd go on the field and get ready to warm up.


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Walk up

roughly 5-10 minutes of kids in silence to get water/snacks while coaches discuss gameplan

speech/ adjustments on white board


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If we are losing, we inform the kids that they "gotta want it!" Also tell our Oline to "block somebody!" Usually does the trick. Isn't that how it goes??