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Jamboree Evaluations

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Hi Coaches, 

Tonight’s our last practice before the Jamboree.

Regardless of level, I’ve never had a pre-season scrimmage / jamboree in which a kid or two didn't get moved to another position, or a 2nd teamer play his way onto the 1st string.  Sometimes both.

This is our 6th practice, after the Jamboree we’ll have 2 more before our 1st game.  Schedule has opening with the pre-season favorite.  They have lots of returners, great roster, and their HC is in his 2nd yr.   He’s on _Coach Parker_ and runs the beast.  Should be interesting.

Anyway, got to thinking…  what do you all look for in your Jamboree?

We’re going in with only 3 run plays and 2 passes in our Wing T Offense.  Running a Split 4 Defense.  We’re looking for:

  1. Personnel: Do we have the kids in their best positions
  2. Execution:
    1. Starting with footwork, are they taking the correct steps & angles.
    2. Head & Hands position
    3. Keep  their feet moving after contact
    4. Backs playing w/out the ball
  3. Hustle

We’re very young this season, only three 4th graders, rest are younger, 5 have never played before, and one really doesn’t want to play football, mom’s making him.   Due to lack of experience we’re moving things along a little slower than usual.  Often after a practice or so, we’ve got the kids sorted out, Linemen, Backs / LBs , Ends / DBs; this season, we’ve got 5 kids who just don’t seem to naturally slot into any particular role, so we’re hoping the Jamboree will reveal where they belong.

We'll go against 3 teams, 15 min on each side of the ball.

Tonight will be mostly polish, alignment and assignment, form and technique work. 

Anyway….   What do you all look for in your pre-season Jamboree / Scrimmage?

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What I look for in jamboree in order of importance. 


How are our base fundamentals of blocking and tackling? 

Is this kid physical and up to level of play? 

Are we aggressive or timid? 

Do we have leadership on the field? Do we have team work? 


Line coach: are we lined up correct and in good stance.

Who's making blocks, who's missing, are we blocking the correct person? 

Who's nasty who's not? 

Rb coach: alignment, assignment, 

Is this player accelerating when he needs to? Is he making pre snap reads? Is he running with blocks? Is he helping us move the ball?  Is he blocking when his time comes? Does he have good ball security? 

Wr: same as rbs, add catching and running ability 

Qb : is he a leader? Cadence? Pre snap read, steps, ball movement and throwing mechanics.  


Defense : 

Alignment and assignment

Each coach evaluates their position, mainly I want them looking at base mechanics of the position, their pursuit of the ball, block avoidance, run fit, pass responsibility, awareness, aggressiveness, most important are they tackling correctly and with purpose. 


We run 3 plays, 2 run and 1 pass to each side. Defense we only run vanilla defense no blitzes no front changes. 


We script, each coach evaluates their position, header evaluates players and coaches during these mini games.  

I want to get each kid 20 plays on each side of the ball minimum. I want to see everyone play so we can evaluate, we can't film at ours so it's important that your assistants are doing their job coaching and evaluating their players not being a team cheerleader or wanna be hype guy for everyone.

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