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League mandates limited contact

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Bob Goodman
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The good news is that everyone will be limited in the same exact way.

It makes no competitive difference.  Just an overall quality-of-the-experience difference.

1-2 practices per week of things like...agility drills....

Agility drills during football season and the immediate pre-season prep are, like, the bane of my coaching existence these days.  They're gym class.  B O R I N G.  Not what the kids came for.  You want to work on the footwork for a particular move?  Then work on the footwork for that particular move.  Don't work on dancing around cones, rope ladders, etc. that get the kids looking down.  Actually practicing the moves in realistic conditions, that's what they came for.

There are sports where the moves are so unpredictable at any position that agilities are as good as anything.  Soccer I believe is like that.  American football, you have only so many common moves at any given position; no need for Arthur Murray.

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Okay Bob.  My comment was things LIKE agility drills.  Doesn't mean you have to do a boring agility drill.  You could do a non-boring drill that fits your needs of moves in realistic conditions that also helps their agility.

I personally don't bring ropes to practices and I guess any agility drills I do would not be considered agility drills by you because my drills that I do usually serve multiple purposes.  But hey, that's just me.

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