So I fired my QB...  


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August 22, 2018 7:42 am  

For about 5 minutes...

Our practices up until Monday, have really been pretty good. We have installed 4 run plays, well 5, but the 5th play actually looks better on paper than grass, so I have to tinker some.

We have installed tunnel screen, and gone through routes and spacing on a few pass plays as well.

We also have our base defense in well as a couple of special teams...

Basically, working on tackling, blocking, conditioning, meshes, etc, you

So Monday...I am working primarily with the bigs, they are doing well, we have our hand signals for the blocking schemes, and the boy have picked up on them well, they are seeing different fronts, and most times getting it wrong the first time they see something new, but then after seeing it, and being coached up on it, they are fine.

Not 100% sure how things are going with the ball guys, as I am working with the bigs, but we start doing inside run. We have 8 on 8, no receivers, a full Dline and LB core, and a DB aligning as a single high safety.

So we rep the snot out of ISO (our newest play) and it looks pretty good....then we start running plays that have been in since week 1. And our QB says, "whats that?" we stop down and say, thats power, or thats we would align, and he would ask..."who is getting the ball?"...then we would run the play and the meshes would be crap...we take a water break, and me and the OC are talking, and he says, "Maybe this is too much"...I tell him, it's not, if my line can rember the hand signals for the schemes, then block the different fronts, the QB should be able to remember what Power is, and who he is giving the football too...

So they are coming out of water, I call the QB and the F over, and tell them they need to pull their heads out of their butts, and focus...or else I am going to fire them. I ask them if they can do this, they say yes. So we call our zone read play...line blocks it fine, the QB reads nothing, just hands it to F, the way the DE played it, he should have pulled it...I ask the QB, who did you read? He says no one...I ask why not? He said, you didn't tell me to...

I lost mind (luckily I found it later)...I fired him, told him to go over to the defensive side of the ball, brought our back up over, asked him if he knew what he was doing on this play, he said kinda, so we coached him up a bit, told him to run it...the Center dediced that would be the appropriate time to snap the ball over everyone's we didn't actually get the play off...I sent them for water again, told them to come out when they were collected...oh, and when I was coaching up the back up QB, I took a peek at the fired QB...and he was staring daggers at me 🙂 I had him 🙂

We put them on a knee, and asked them are we giving you too much? They said no, so we asked what the problem was...the QB that I just fired says "I just want to throw the ball" the problem, we were not doing what he wanted, so he wasn't interested...I told him that we have to be able to run the ball if we wanted to be able to throw we finished our chat, and asked them if they wanted to spend the last segment of practice going over the plays, or conditioning...they wanted to do play polish...

So we called in a play, the QB knew it, signaled the blocking scheme, and ran it, and it looked good....we spent the last 10 minutes on play polish, they made physical mistakes (these are coaching opportunities), but they "knew" what they were doing, no mental mistakes...

I talked to the QB after practice, hugged him up and asked if he knew I loved him regardless of whether or not I was having to climb up his butt....he said, yeah coach I know...I expect tonights practice is going to be sharp.

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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August 22, 2018 7:57 am  

I just have one question.
Was the last QB you were talking about the new QB?

Just wanted to make sure.

Good stuff though Chris

2 Things my offense will always have is a Wing and a Wedge

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August 22, 2018 8:02 am  

I had the opposite problem, my QB just wants to run with the ball.  Same Speech about running to throw and throwing to run.  I asked if he actually paid attention to plays that didnt involve him running?  He said no.  Reminded him that we can run off of the majority of the plays we have but we have to set the tone first.  OH OK!!!  Big Cheesy Grin

This past Saturday was our first game.  I think he's a bit more content to hand off and pass than he was prior to game time.  Found out its a lot harder when 11 guys are searching for your head than it is with the 1/2 line drills we use during practice.  Suddenly those cut backs arent so easy!    (Yes we do remind them all of that during practice)  When you only have 6 or 7 left overs you do a lot of half line things. 

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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August 22, 2018 10:21 am  

The one I hugged up? He is the one I fired 😛

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.