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Nikon D7500 And D7200. What's The Difference?
Nikon D7500 And D7200. What's The Difference?
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The Nikon D7500 takes the Nikon D7500 to the next level in terms of performance as well as capabilities. Its latest weatherproof design is designed to function in all weather conditions. The buttons on the camera have been modified to allow for the dedicated ISO button. In other words, the layout of the camera is like that of the D7200. Nikon D7500 has a new zoom lens.





One of the biggest differences between the two cameras is the control panel. The D7500 has a fixed screen whereas the D7200 has an LCD that can be removed. SnapBridge isn't available on the D7500. The D7500 is heavier than its predecessor. It also has an ergonomic design. Its larger pixels make an easier control of settings and better image quality.





The D7200 comes with a more traditional control layout, while the D7500 includes an LCD touchscreen that has a tiltable LCD. It's got a lower number of 'pixels' than the D7200, but it offers greater resolution, longer battery life, and an improved dynamic spectrum. In addition to that, the D7500 is slightly heavier than its predecessor. The D7500 while lighter than the predecessor, costs significantly more as its predecessor.





The D7500 is much sharper than the D7200. It is therefore more costly. It is also more expensive than its predecessor. However, it is worthwhile for the cost. The D7200 is much more accurate in color reproduction that the D7200 and features a tilting LCD. Both cameras are excellent at low light performance. You can decide the camera that is right for you.





While it's true that the Nikon D7500 weighs more than its rival, it's smaller. The D7500 is 640g and weighs in at 1lb 6.8 oz. The D7500's handgrip is deeper than the one on the D7200, but the D7500 weighs less over the D7200. Also, it's more comfortable for holding than its predecessor.









Nikon D7500 features a better camera. The D7500 is able to shoot more than 8 frames per seconds (in JPEG), while the D7200 can only shoot 6 frames per sec. There are no limitations to the depth of the buffer on the D7500. It can store 18 raw images , while the D7200 is equipped with 56 JPEG as well as 100 JPEG files. The camera can also capture lossless-compressed RAW images.





The D7500 offers a reversible back LCD screen. It means the camera can be adjusted to adapt to different shooting angles. A touchscreen is also available on the D7500. It's better suited to capture video. The D7200's battery lifespan is considerably shorter than that of the D7500. The D7500 can be used for photography in low-light conditions and it can take 10 frames per second.





The Nikon D7500 is the successor to the Nikon D7200 and is a leap ahead of the previous. Both cameras share the same features and functions, however the D7500 is a little bigger. It is also a bit more expensive. D7500 is also more expensive, and the D7500 is about 5% larger. The D7500 is more capable of making 4K videos, while the D7200 only supports the full HD format.





Nikon D7500 is more affordable and is designed for high-ISO performance. Even though it's less megapixels than the D7500, the ratio of signal to noise is higher. It has a bigger sensor and consequently, fewer images. However, this isn't the only thing that differentiates these two cameras. Both models have their own strengths and weaknesses.





The Nikon D7500 is a more refined version of the D7200. It comes with more options and comes at a price that is higher. The weatherproof design is what makes the D7500 the ideal camera for outdoor use. The optional flash is a significant aspect that makes the camera ideal to shoot outdoors. It's an excellent camera for nature lovers.





The D7500 features SnapBridge technology, which allows you to connect the camera to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Although the D7500 is more expensive but it's more suitable for a variety of scenarios. Moreover the Nikon D7500 can shoot videos in 60 frames per second however it's not equipped recording videos in high definition 4K UHD.


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