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4th and 21. Punt?

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That's where I probably would have lost my mind telling the ref to ref and let me worry about the penalties.

I once told a ref that the backside TE was tackling my DE coming around every single time and the ref said that he would never catch the runner from behind. I told him just let him go without being tackled and lets test his theory. he told me to just Coach so I told him to just Ref, so he threw the flag and gave my team a 15 yard penalty for the exchange.
Sheesh they have no humor

I would have done just that if I had known.  I did not find out until after the play was over that the ref said that.  Of course, it is my fault for not providing explicit instructions as to what they can and can't do to the kicker on the play.  Just add it to the list that the zebras screw up during the course of game that you have to plan for.

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I have seen some very impressive punts so far this season in my conference. Some of the teams have completely turned the field around on us. I am not a fan of havinf a deep kid field the punt unless the kid has an easy shot at it and he has great ball skills so that accounts for some of it. Had a team punt from their 20 and we ended up with the ball on about our 20 in one game. This is strange for this age level usually. Most teams don't punt but they seem to be going against that philosophy this year and it is making it more difficult on our offense.

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