Punting in Mighty Mites  

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July 9, 2014 2:34 pm  

We dealt with the no rush punt thing in this past Spring. 4th graders.

You could declare a punt and no one would rush....or for that one would even move on either team except the kid chasing the bad snap. We punted but never declared and would quick kick instead. In one game suddenly we were free kicking. Turns out the White hat asked our player if we were punting after we called it so they said yes. Had to then train em to answer that question with a simple...who knows.

So for punt return at first we put no one back to receive the punt...OK that sucked because the ball would hit and roll even deeper. So we then  put one back....too much ground to cover...then 2 then 3 with the idea you don't let the football roll by you. Well we still muffed a punt and turned it over so in the Bowl Game I put all of my kids over the weight limit ( 5 ) on the DL and at the kick I had them blast who ever was in front of them right on their ass....then I put 6 in a line 25 yards deep evenly spaced from sideline to sideline in an attempt to mock this dumass rule.

That worked....the League Prez was on our sideline in a NY Minute telling us that was illegal. My Header told him if we didnt have to play our over the limit kids on the would have seen 11 back there because its not illegal....only really really really a dumb thing to do if you actually follow real football FIX THE LOOPHOLE ! and we did it again later on in the same game. 

Watching opponents free punt with no rush was embarrassing. Watching our kids mull around was even worse. No one knew what to do.

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July 18, 2014 8:02 pm  


Do any of you punt in MM level(7-9)? I don't remember any teams that we played last year punting at all but was thinking that maybe it is something that I should try to implement instead of always going for it on 4th and very long. What has been your experiences with this at this age?


I coached UYF and AYF mighty mite.  My first year as a MM Head Coach I taught my guys to punt using a more traditional 2x2 formation (one Mahonz warns against).  I punted once, maybe twice that season.  Generally it was another phase to manage (getting the kids to memorize the formation, their positions and responsibilities.  That season I did not see many teams punt themselves.

The following year as a MM coach I did not install nor teach the team to punt, but I saw more teams punt on 4th and long.  If I recall correctly, those teams were not some of the higher rated scoring teams.

My only suggestion is that if you do decide to punt, you want your more athletic, faster and best tacklers defending the returner.  The static nature of the play throws the timing off for the kids.

I too would recommend the roll-out rugby style kick and aim for the sidelines.

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July 19, 2014 5:29 pm  

Thanks. Still undecided about what we will do. Let's see if I have a kid that can punt first.

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July 20, 2014 11:20 am  

I too would recommend the roll-out rugby style kick and aim for the sidelines.

I'd never recommend those 2 things together on a live punt play.  The whole idea of running out to the side & kicking on the run is to get the defense to choose between defending the run and the kick.  If you're putting the ball out of bounds anyway, they have no reason to play the kick.

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July 20, 2014 3:11 pm  

A complimentary question to this is whether you should actually field a punt at this age. The answer to that question should determine much of your thinking in the original question.

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