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A7FL Rules Editor here

Bob Goodman
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As you can see by [ur=]the "rules" they posted online[/url], the American 7s Football League badly needed a technical writer, so I've been agreed to as their rules editor.  I'm not even going to get the $100 I offered to do the IWFL's for about a decade ago, but I'm going to ask them for $1 and then negotiate a royalty for copies of their official rules sold outside their officials, admins, & coaches.  Mostly it's just for the credit.

It's going to take a lot of back & forth with them over, what did you mean by this?, did you really mean this?, etc.  I expect I'll have some substantive suggestions too, which they may take or leave.  For instance, I have trouble believing their existing rules on putting the ball in play by their substitute for a scrimmage (there's no snap) have been going smoothly: It appears team A just has to set in position, and then as soon as any of their players move, play's on -- but it has to be on a verbal count of 1, 2, or 3 by the player holding the ball.