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how rules get changed

Bob Goodman
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In my 2016 Giants JPW Warriors thread, I mentioned confusion about our participation rules.  Today I attended the Warriors' 14U Intercity League (part of the Patriot League) home game, partly to say goodbye.  The game was a 7-6 win over the Bronx Steelers that started an hour late because the visitors first wanted to attend a game a younger team of theirs played, and then got lost when they got off the el train.  (This sort of frequent problem had been given before as a reason the Warriors hadn't regularly played extramurally in many years.  The previous week's game had been half an hour late due to a straggling visiting team.)  But before the game I spoke to our admin. Jimmy for clarification of what he'd told me at our game the previous day.

Jimmy admitted to possible sarcasm about their not wanting us coaches to know about the change in participation rules for this year.  At least since I'd been coaching with the Warrior club, a player who did not show up at the field a half hour before the scheduled game time was ineligible to play in the first half.  In 2015 with our new CEO, Joe, they'd instituted an additional requirement: to have a team admin. take attendance & submit that roster half an hour before the game.  Jimmy says parents kept appealing to Joe to allow them to play if they were late, and Joe acceded every time.  What that did was make the admins., team and league, look like the bad guys, with only Joe being their savior.  So for 2016 they quietly (Silently?) rescinded the entire arrive-half-an-hour-before-KO requirement.

Jimmy said this made sense, in that the previous rule punished kids for what's actually their parents' or guardians' problem.  Of course attendance at practice is almost always a parent problem too.