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NFHS rule change: "spiking the ball"

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Spiking ball to kill clock - it is now permissible to spike the ball from "shotgun" or "pistol" formation to save time, no longer required to be a hand-to-hand snap.  Spike must be immediate and forward.

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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About time.


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Funny story. Not about spiking but rather taking a knee from shotgun. 

2012 Championship game. 3rd graders. Blizzard conditions. Both teams have fumbled the ball about a dozen times because there is basically zero chance of a clean exchange of any kind. 

Our Center is fine....Couple of OLM are fine.....a couple of sniffer backs are fine so we go direct snap Beast and build a 27-6 lead running one play...without fumbling. 

Late in the 4th we gain control of the ball and gain a first down which pretty much seals the deal.  So the Son.... tells me....take 4 knees. That would have pretty much ended the game. I could have told the Ref and he would have just allowed it without a rush but instead I yell out to my running back to take a knee and give him the "roll magic" hand motion. ( run the same play as before which was beast blast right )  . we have never practiced this before from shotgun so how hard could it be? 

Beast gets snapped...running back immediately takes a knee but without the football.... as the football flies right over his head. 

Defense scoops and scores. PAT good. 


Opponent onside kicks and recovers. Scores one play later. PAT good. 


Opponent onside kicks and we get it but we need to run one play to end the game. We go back under center and take a knee without a rush. 


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