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token snap

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Somehow Milehighmagoo's post didn't get switched to this section, so here's what he asked:

Can the center stand to the right of the ball and place his left hand on top of the ball. The QB walks directly behind the ball and puts both hands on either side (center still has hand on top of ball). On hike, hit, go, whatever, the QB pulls the ball back and drops back and hands off? Because the center exchanged the ball "technically" is this a legal Snap? I'd think it's an infraction.

The snapper has to move the ball backward.  He doesn't have to move it far.  A back can't handle the ball until then.

QB's allowed to have his hands and arms break the plane of the snapper's waist before the snap if the QB is in position to receive a snap between the snapper's legs.  He doesn't actually have to receive it there.  So he could have one arm poking thru the snapper's legs and another on the outside of one of them.  So I could imagine a legal formation and legal snap that would be very close to, though not exactly, what was described above.