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Bob Goodman
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Posted by: @bucksweep58

I've gone away from acronym blocking on the basis of "what if" ... "What if he's here or there "  our progression is similar as far as what makes me covered vs uncovered.  I also reiterate I'll take your best your judgement over a missed block at Los.

Our coaches seemed to phase out (over years) teaching GDB in favor of having the OL recognize fronts.  For a while we were having our center call the number of DL, which seemed redundant if everyone on the OL was either recognizing a front or following a rule.

To tell the truth, this year only our 20 (buck sweep) series looks much like wing T any more.  Even that one, starting in 2019 the QB's footwork changed because Newton (NJ) HS's had, to where he's just shuffling back after opening toward the HB.  But that and jet are the only series where GDB and MOMA (for the C) apply; we switched jet from reach to down blocked in 2019, but still hardly used it.  The 80 (belly) series (where the QB's reverse pivot was also eliminated) we're now "on" blocking (basically MOMA even at the POA, like an iso).  Edit: I saw from Aug. 31 practice we're doing reverse pivot on belly after all.

So it looks like a generic T or pro or I running game, where we're not exploiting angles so much as sticking on whomever we got.  Truth be told, although this sort of "vanilla" attack (with somewhat weak misdirection) isn't what I prefer coaching, it has been what the most successful teams I've coached for have used.  (Also the worst, my first year coaching.)

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Dusty Ol Fart
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Just spent Sunday watching the 6th Grade OL get smoked by what seemed like HS Kids.  5 kids on the opposing team dwarfed our Biggest kid and he's 5'10 170.  We had Zero Answer.  

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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