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August 5, 2019 9:32 am  

So I am moving up this year to the Jr. PeeWee (9/10) group and will be bringing along with me the X-Man block as I crowned it last year.

Really just a variation of DP's blocking style with elbows and forearms.

All in all, my assumption is that this blocking style should fit right in with Calande's GOOD/GOD scheme due to the zero splits of the Doublewing we will be running. My main concern is that I am missing something by thinking that the doubles would require the teaching of hands to block effectively. My other concern with the GOOD/GOD system vice SAB that I ran last year is the blitzing allowed by the defense.

I am sure that the zero splits should create a wash right into the LBers lap if we are the more aggressive team. However, I just have some concerns about blitzing lanes that may open due to the double teams. Although, this is probably just early season anxiety and a lack of thorough experience running the DW (1 season, SO FAR) and GOOD/GOD (First Year).

I also feel obligated to say I am not looking to teach hands, unless Calande himself tells me that GOOD/GOD wont work with the blocking style I plan to teach. And even then I would run SAB first. Not to say I don't believe in hands blocking, I know it works, but at this level and what I've seen, I believe in the blocking style I coach. And I would be doing nothing to benefit my players if I spent their time attempting to teach them something I don't believe in.

As always, I value the advice of everyone on the board and look forward to your responses.


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