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Does a SAB Scheme typically pick up the "ON" Defender or only if he was to slant into the inside gap? I would think only if the DL would slant hard into the inside gap if we teach them to go at a 30 degree angle.

(8 Man @ this age, a typical look we see w/ OLB coming across to act as DE at the snap most times)


Had a change of plans a week before the season went from AC w/ JR PW to HC of Tiny Mites (5/6). Going to run balanced line, direct snap (SW). Previously used GOD blocking rules @ 7/8 age (works fine) but thinking I want something simpler (SAB, Clark's Over Here/Over There scheme) at this age. I want angles and we will pull, will run POWER, SWEEP, WEDGE, COUNTER if I can figure out how to instruct the OL on whom to block.

2 point stances for OL.

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Teach them to take the proper angle and block whoever crosses their face. SAB is simple in the fact that it does not matter how they line up or where they attack you are still taking the same steps and blocking whats in your way.

it's important that they step together and not create gaps in the wall for defenders to step into.

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Who is using SAB blocking this season? How is it going? Just installed one week a go and love what i have seen so far!