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[Sticky] Equipment Fitting Guides

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As we approach the new season it's important that each of us are up to date on proper fitting of our players equipment.  Below are links for information on how to do so.

Riddel Fitting Guide

Xenith Instructional Videos

Schutt Helmet Fitting Instructions
Schutt Shoulder Pad Fitting Instructions

Rawlings Fitting Guides (Select your product and click on the fitting guide in the right hand overview box)

Message me if I do not have a link to the type of equipment your players currently use.  I will do what I can to get that information in this thread as a reference for our current and future readers.

A good rule of thumb is to inspect your players equipment each week for proper fit, wear and tear and damage.

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If you could pass the word I would appreciate it. I am looking to buy old out of date riddell vsr4 and schutt pro air II or air advantage, will take as many as you have. Helmets must have no cracks, but if they are cracked will still pay 5$ as long as padding is intact, must have padding and bumpers, will pay 5$ per helmet no limit. Their appearance is not important as long as the helmet is intact. So if you are looking to empty your storage of old unused unusable helmets due to certification let me know.

Football Americana is a very small helmet reconditioning business in San Antonio and we would love to have your business or your old helmets. Our prices can't be beat and the custom paint job is high quality. I will take any youth large, adult large or xl you have for the 5$ each price.