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The real truths about the Game of Football and Concussions

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This compliments of Coach Rose on Hueys -

Ok, I went back and watched it again and have some times where things are said that are possibly of interest. Now, don't do the sound-bite thing here, you have to listen to this and really get into it.

01:55 - Insurance, liability coverage for football, will be demise of football, not football itself.
03:20 - Being on a playground, as a youth, is as dangerous as playing football.

04:34 - Biggest causes for brain injuries - accidents (cars, snowmobiles, ATV's, vehicles), homicide, suicide. Says that 11 teenagers die every day from texting and driving.
05:30 - Starts talking about concussion and types of damage and such.
12:20 - There is a higher probability of suicide within 9 years once you have a brain injury. As kids stop playing sports the suicide rate is increasing. Would expect that football players would have a higher rate of suicide but they don't, they are fitter, have better social networks, more friends...
14:58 - Increased sports participation decreases suicide risk.

16:37 - The media are reporting/implying that a connection has been directly linked from concussions (football) to dementia (alzheimer's disease). Biggest factor for dementia is sedentary life style which leads to high blood pressure.
17:33 - Football has not been proven to be a risk factor for dementia.

18:30 - Starts the CTE discussion.
20:50 - No clinical description for CTE, it is something that is found under the microscope, you can have CTE and never show any symptoms at all. You cannot be diagnosed with CTE based on your symptoms.
23:48 - CTE is present in normal folks and in dementia patients. Changes in the brain (CTE) does not mean symptoms (dementia)
26:37 - Does football cause dementia? No, it does not by itself. Football is not a causal factor for developing dementia. There is no compelling evidence that football is related to dementia.

28:15 - Why the media obsession with football/concussion/dementia? Scientists have to justify their research (grants) and companies are looking for profit.

40:30 - Starts a discussion on her workplace and the number of football players in high positions, doctors that let their kids play, that kind of thing.

Overall - Brain injuries are bad, regardless of how they occur. Football does not have a direct link to causing dementia. Treat the injuries - change tackling, reduce hitting, get the kids out of the game.

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Thanks for posting this, coach.

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A few years back our ORG has the honor of having a Neurosurgeon present to our Coaches. 

While he DID NOT downplay the seriousness of Concussions.  Comparatively speaking, they are on the lower end of Brain Injuries.  However!  He did emphasize the importance of the need to allow the concussed to recover naturally.  The worst thing one can do is add another to an un-recovered concussion.  Most call it "Second Impact Syndrome".  This can have some severe consequences. 

Think of it like having a stroke and then another in the same area a few days later.  If you dont "Base Line" your kids, IMHO the best philosophy to sit them 2-3 weeks and ask for a Doctors release before returning to practice!  Even then its a slow return to action.  I have no issues with sitting kids for the season! 

I have never had a parent question me about pulling kids from games regarding injuries!  Its JFL Ball!  Live To Fight Another Day! 

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂