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DC UBSW grid of plays by formation

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I have quite a few of Dave's materials (WYF, 303, RB, OL).  I know I've seen a grid somewhere that shows the plays that can be run by formation.  I'm the OC for our team this year and looking to define the install order and practice plans.  I'm also looking to define the distractors of tags I may call for no huddle to remove tells from teh defense from being able to tell what is coming. (IE call Nasty on a wedge audible call). 

Where in the materials is that grid, or is it something I found here on the dumcoach site?

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Yes. You can fine this info in DC's 303 book Chapter 10.

Coach Smith
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PM me I have a grid and some other materials I put together when I ran Dave's stuff. 

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